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Delivery Policy

送貨細則/Shipping Terms


- 選擇「貸到付款」顧客請於訂單確認後14天內前來取貨品。若因特別原因或困難而無法在期限內前來取貨品,

2. 其他貨運方式

香港,澳門,台灣地區: 順豐速運送貨

收費參考: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/express/Product/standard_express/SF-Easy-Ship/


注意:如海外顧客請選擇( Hong Kong Post )

( 所有海外送貨收費2KG以上都要另外再報價為準)

海外各地運送時間參考特快專遞(EMS): http://www.hongkongpost.hk/doc/common/pos15a_1_supplement.pdf

若閣下在貨運方面有其他特別要求 (如要求街車送貨或速遞公司送貨),可在訂購前先向本店查詢。

3.PayPal付款- 注意: PayPal付款需支付PayPal手續費 (4%)- 在閣下收到貨品並確認貨品沒有任何問題後,煩請閣下於PayPal確認交易

1. "loan-to-pay."- "Loan-to-pay" is only applicable to the selection of the store and seeking customer.

- Select "loans to pay" customer please come take goods after order confirmation within 14 days. Ruoyin special reasons or difficulties unable to take the goods within the time limit,

please contact the store as early as possible by email or phone. Without any prior notice or reasonable cause, the store will be made to cancel the order processing, and reserves the right to reject your order again.

2. Other shipping methods

Hong Kong : SF Express delivery

Charge Fee Reference: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/express/Product/standard_express/SF-Easy-Ship/

Such as Hong Kong are recommended to pay the way, such as residential areas would recommend the service center or choose to SF SF station

pickup Note: Please select overseas customers (Hong Kong Post)

(All overseas have an additional shipping fee quoted)

Overseas delivery time around reference Express Mail Service (EMS): http://www.hongkongpost.hk/doc/common/pos15a_1_supplement.pdf

If you have other special requirements (such as requiring street car delivery or courier delivery company)

3.PayPal payment

- Note: PayPal pay with PayPal fee (4%)- After you receive the goods and confirm the goods do not have any problem, please confirm your transaction at PayPal.